Roland Juno-106 Patches for Deepmind

Inspiring Sounds for Composers

Inspiring Sounds for Composers

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Free Juno-106 Patch Bank for Behringer Deepmind

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In a break from Sample Libraries, here's something a little different! For a project I am working on, I needed some typical Juno-106 sounds, and so turned to my Behringer Deepmind 12 rather than finding the money for the real thing! After watching an excellent video from Starsky Carr on getting it to sound like a Juno-106, I decided to recreate the original synth's presets for the Deepmind!

These patches are by no means perfect copies of the original ones, but I believe they mostly come close, and certainly have the Juno-106 flavour I was looking for! The main area where things don't quite match up are the Chorus settings, as it's not possible to perfectly recreate the lush Chorus of the original, but the Deepmind one can sound nice.

The patches were programmed on a Deepmind 12, but as there are all limited to Poly-6 to match the 106, they should work fine on the Deepmind 6, but I cannot test.

Huge thanks to those mentioned below!

How I Did It

As mentioned above, watching this video from Startsky Carr inspired me to do this, so a big thank you to him for taking the time to do that. Next, I downloaded 'The Juno-106 Librarian' along with the factory patches provided on that page. That was a great starting point for all of the patches, but unfortunately, a lot of the slider positions weren't exact enough to get the right sound on the Deepmind (Freq, Res, Env, ADSR etc), which is where this amazing page by the wonderful Synthmania came to the rescue, as it has audio samples of every preset from the 106!

So, I would set the rough positions of everything using the Librarian and then listen to the sound samples whilst tweaking all the sliders to get as close as possible, which in some case was quite straight forward, and in others no so much. Hence, some patches are a closer match than others. Finally, I used the settings (slightly tweaked) from the this Gearsltuz post to get the Chorus settings (thanks Zapman & Exode).

Click the Button to download for free. The file is in the SysEx format and so will require an appropriate app for sending to the Deepmind (e.g. SysEx Librarian for Mac or MIDI-Ox for Windows).
It contains 128 patches from the Juno-106

IMPORTANT: This will send to Bank H on the Deepmind and will overwrite all current patches
- backup your Bank H patches first!

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